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Ingapirca : An Inca Settlement August 10, 2007

Posted by Jason in culture, Ecuador, Environment, South America, Travel.

Ingapirca Inca Site

From Cuenca we caught the local bus to the settlement of Ingapirca where the best remains of Inca Architecture remain. It was an interesting site. A rushed 2 hour visit before the local bus returned to Cuenca!

As usual the settlement is built at a high elevation at 3,230 metres with a good view of the surrounding area.

Ingapirca means “Wall of the Inca” and consists of various buildings ans a site shaped to symbolise the moon and sun so important to the Inca.

Jason at Ingapirca     Inca Walls     Cheryl playing on the Inca walls

There are not many Inca sites in Ecuador as the Inca´s only conquered the area late in the their reign and just before the Spanish came and decimated the region.



1. josh - September 18, 2008

We Love you

2. Dane - September 22, 2008

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3. psychics - May 18, 2013

Great choice of subject ancient rome. Your statement Ingapirca :
An Inca Settlement | little BIG adventure has inspired me sufficiently to want to post more myself.

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