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Huayhuash : Day 6 Laguna Viconga to Guanacpatay July 2, 2007

Posted by Cheryl in climbing, culture, mountaineering, Peru, South America, Travel, trekking, wilderness.

I was awake before light, but we stayed snuggled in our sleeping bags till the sun hit the tent at about 8 o´clock.  After breakfast and packing up we set off with Cuyon in front of us and climbed the pass to its left.  Cuyon became increasingly more impressive as we got closer, with it´s icy summit giving way to glaciers defying gravity and clinging to its sides before plunging into a glacial lagoon below.  The strange rock formations and sparse vegetation gave the last part of the climb a barren other-worldly feel.  Approaching the top of the pass (5,000m), the Cordillera Raura once again came into view behind us, bright, snowy and untouched.  The mountains to the North of us looked tremendous – the big giants of Yerupaja, Serapo and Siula Grande and Cuyon, closer by, breathing down our necks.  On the other side of the pass the path dropped away steeply through a tumble of rocks that ended in a flat open plane dotted with occasional sheep on the valley floor far below.  We camped on this plane enjoying a few hours of sunshine before the sun went in and the cold crept up.



1. Rafael Eddy Velarde alvarado - June 21, 2008

La Cordillera del Huayhuash es una de las más bellas del mundo, su contemplación nos treae gozo espiritual y nos traslada a un mundo de inspiración sobre lo bella que es la naturaleza, lo hermoso que es vivir en armonía con los nevados, los vientos y el cielo azul. Esta sensación es difícil describirla o nos faltan palabras para decirlo en la amplitud y profundidad de nuestro sentir.
Felices los que hemos tenido la dicha de conocer esta maravilla, felices los que tendrán la oportunidad de venir a dar una vueltas por estos picachos vestidos de blanco. Felices nuestros hijos porque recibirán nuestro mensaje sobre lo hermoso que es este país, sobre lo dulce que es Huayhuash, sobre lo profundo que es el cielo visto desde los andes.

2. ακτοπλοικά - July 27, 2013

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