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Huayhuash : Day 5 Huayhuash village to Laguna Viconga July 1, 2007

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 Jason with the beautiful remote Cordillera Raura behind

A short day of walking today, so we sleep in, only getting up at 8 o´clock.  Alfonso is already up and perched on a rock warming himself in the sun a little way down the valley.  The weather is perfect with not a cloud in the sky. We set off and the donkeys draw quickly away as we walk at a relaxed pace up the pass.  Leading up to the pass, the ground to the left is barren, rocky and grey, while to the right it´s green and full of life with red patches of sand shining through.  The path divides the contrast of the two.

The Cordillera Raura

At the top the shimmering white peaks of the Cordillera Raura can be seen ahead with the white peaks of the Huayhuash behind.  We lunch at the top of the pass, lingering luxuriously in the sunshine, my head on Jason´s belly, staring up at the crisp blue sky. From there it´s another couple of hours to the camp at the intersection of two valleys, one dropping downwards and the other climbing to the imposing peak of Cuyon ahead of us.

The village of Huayhuash with the Cordillera Huayhuash behind

We make camp early and after a cerveza in the sun (1 between 3 of us – not enough) I head off to the thermal springs nearby.  Hot water pumps out of the bare earth and flows down the slick red rock where it is pooled below.  The water is a delicious temperature and no-one else is about.  I soak the last 5 days grime out of my skin.

Back at camp, the sun has already dipped behind the mountains and the temperature plummets with it.  It´s always a race to cook and get into the tents before the cold grips us.  We make a quick supper and are in bed just after nightfall.



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