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Huayhuash : Day 4 Carhuacocha to Huayhuash village June 30, 2007

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Today we got an unsolicited chaperone who led us around the lake on the other side of the campsite.  At first we didn´t realise he was chaperoning us, but when we slowed down, he slowed down.  When we sped up, he sped up, and he occasionally gestured to us to follow him down the well-trodden and perfectly obvious trail.

Snowy mountains and blue lagoons on Day 4 of the Huayhuash trek

Eventually at the far end of the lake, he pointed the way up towards the pass. We thanked him politely (hoping he would now leave us alone). His mission finally became clear when he asked if we wanted a guide for the pass. We declined, saying we had a map.  We didn´t need a guide, especially one who whistled along to his hand-held radio as he walked.  We walked on again, enjoying the solitude of the mountains once again.

Mountains and blue lagoons, Day 4

The valley toward the pass was lined to the right by mountains sweeping straight up to lofty peaks with glaciers clinging and tumbling off multi-hued lagoons below.  It was very beautiful.  Unfortunately a bit of cloud had swept in, somewhat obscuring where the snow ended and the sky began (not good for the photos). 

Angelo the campesino boy at the top of the pass

The pass was easy enough to find, with a clear trail all the way.  Behind us were the snow-covered peaks just left behind and in front the mountains gave way to countless green valleys carpeted with sparkling blue lagoons.  We stayed a while enjoying the views and solitude when a young campesino boy wandered up alone.  He sat on a rock and eyed us curiously, shy, but happy to answer our questions.  His name was Angelo and he lived “abajo” (down there – pointing to the valley floor far below).  He couldn´t have been more than 6 years old.  He obliged us allowing us to take his photo and we gave him a chocolate bar for his trouble.  He couldn´t hide his glee.  He bounded down the mountain after us (for a while I thought we may have adopted a son) but at the bottom he left us and charged off towards “home”.

The view down the valley with snow capped peaks rising to over 5,000m.

We continued down the valley from a second pass dodging the boggy ground as we went. Finally reaching our campsite at the “village” of Huayhuash (3 houses!). As usual our tent was already up and the sun had already sheltered behind the mountains making the temperature begin to drop.

Not a soul in sight, magnificent! 



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