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Huayhuash : Day 2 Laguna Jahuacocha to Matacancha June 28, 2007

Posted by Jason in climbing, culture, mountaineering, Peru, South America, Travel, trekking.

We woke early at 7;30am, cooked breakfast hoping for the warming of the rising sun.

We left at 10:00am and began our walk up the valley past the Laguna Jahuacocha.

We climbed steeply up the zig zagging path as it steadily headed for the pass of Punta Rondoy at 4,750m.  There are 2 passes here in quick succession and the view is amazing from both, to the outerlying foothills of the Huayhuash, back over to the snow capped peaks that overlooked our previous nights camp site and then to the east and the incredible rock and snow wall of Rondoy.  1,500m of snow rock and ice rising into the sky to a heady 5,870m, a spectacular peak.

We stopped for a bite to eat and caught up our arreiro who lead us down the slopes into the next valley full of stone corrals and some traditional stone, thatched houses.

The countyside here is beautiful in the valleys, with the backdrop of snow clad peaks, spectacularly pointed and severe as they rise into the sky. 

Eventually we reached the camp site at 4,150m at Matacancha at 3.30pm. But by 4pm the sun had already been hidden by the hillside and the temperature immediately dropped.  Every night in the tent it dropped to between minus 1 and 2 degrees.  Outside the tent it got severely cold while cooking in the dark!

As there were last night, there were a few tents, but it was not crowded.  We have not met any gringos at all on the trails in the last 2 days, total solitude in the mountains.

Not many people go over the pass we have just gone over today, as many shorten the trek by starting at Matacancha.  They don´t know what they are missing!



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