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Huayhuash : Day 1 Llamac to Yahuacocha June 27, 2007

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We were up nice an early, 4:30am ready with our packs to flag a taxi down in Huaraz to the bus station.

Very un South American, everything went like clockwork as we piled our 2 90 litre rucksacks, 2 holdalls of rations and 2 day packs onto the bus, it left on time at 5:30am!

As light hit the countryside the views were wonderful if rather misty.  After 2 hours we got our first glimpse of the famous Huayhuash mountains.

An amazing view as they stretched across the sky above the village of Chiquian. 

We arrived at 8am before getting our tickets for the next bus to the village of Llamac.  We waited another 30 minutes before a combi van arrived for the next step of the journey.

After 3 quarters of an hour we finally managed to fill the combi with 22 passengers (there is only room for 18 in the van!), the driver and a box of new born ducklings! (makes a change from the usual basket of chickens!)

Crammed in we headed off along a decrepid dusty road, which by the way is the ¨new¨ road!

After a bumpy ride of a couple of hours we arrived at the village of LLamac.

Llamac at 3,300m is a quite beautiful village in its own way, with dusty narrow streets, mud brick houses, and the odd donkey and horse for company.  It received electricity for the first time 6 months ago! 

We were met by our arreiro (donkey driver), who loaded the donkey and horse we had hired and we headed out at 11.30am up the steep slopes for our first days walk.  

The sun was shining brightly as we headed up the track, a steady 1000m climb to our first pass at 4,300m and our first close up view of the Huayhuash mountains.

The view was spectacular.  Simply amazing as the snow capped peaks reached into the sky ahead of us.  We were truly awe struck by the sight.

We continued after a short rest along the side of the hillside above the valley below.  We met only one person on the way, a local on horse back.  Somehow while exchanging pleasantries with us he managed to turn the conversation around to telling us that Peru had beaten Uruguay 3:0 at football!  Somethings are universal!

Eventually we descended to the valley floor and reached a small village scattered in the meadow.

The village looked remarkable, with stone walls and thatched roofs they looked exactly like the old black house type housing that people lived in the highlands of Scotland 200 years ago before the clearances.

People in traditional dress, living simple lives with no road, electricity or water supplies.

A beautiful sight that would become so common on this trek.

Eventually as the sun was going down we reached the camp site at the head of the lake of Yahuacocha.  The mountains were rising up to meet the sky at the other side of the lake and the glaciers falling down into the valley.  What a view!  With the snow capped peaks of Mituraju 5,750m; Jirishanca 6,094; Yerupaja Chico 6,089m; and Yerupaja 6,617m.

We set up camp and cooked our evening meal as the sun went down and simultaneously the moon rose above the mountains on the other side of the lake.

From low light and and the pink shades of the mountains to the sky being lit up by a full moon sparkling off the snow and glaciers of the mountains.

It was amazingly beautiful.




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