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Don´t be so Cuy! May 17, 2007

Posted by Jason in culture, Peru, South America.

After the Inca Trail and experiencing the delights of Cusco we just had to partake in a local cultural delicacy and try Cuy or in more plain terms Guinea Pig!

Cuy or Guinea Pig to you and me, awaiting to be eaten following a good roasting!!

Guinea Pig is a local delicacy eaten by Peruvians on special occasions.  It can be expensive for gringos in Cusco costing upwards of 40 soles, ( or 7 pounds, US$13).  But, in the local restaurants and outside Cusco 15 or 20 Soles is the norm.

The Peruvians apparently eat around 65 million . . . yes 65 “million” guinea pigs every year, and it is also enjoyed by other upland communities in Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

So as we were in Peru, we thought we ought to try it.  So while in Tipon, at a local restaurant we decided to have Cuy Al Horno or roasted guinea pig to you and me.

I wasn´t quite ready for the full effect of a guinea pig completely whole staring at me from my plate before I tucked in but hey, when in Peru . . . . . .

My friend. . . the Guinea Pig!      Cheryl ready and waiting to “tuck in”!      mmmm. . . .tasty!

The results of this cultural experience is that. . . .well. . . . this will probably be a one off!  The meat is actually quite nice, but the hassle of actually getting the meat off the bone is rather time consuming.  Little reward for alot of effort was the consensus!

They say that the guinea pig is good for you, being low in fat and cholestoral, but to be honest, give me a fattening juicy rare steak any time!

Some how I just won´t be able to look at those cuddly cute guinea pigs in the pet shop in the same way when I get back to England!!




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