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Return to Civilisation March 19, 2007

Posted by Cheryl in Argentina, culture, Patagonia, South America, Travel.

This post has been rather a long time in coming, even I can´t quite believe how long.  We´ve been unable to spend much time on the internet as we´ve been travelling through the nether regions of Central Patagonia and it´s been a bit of a twilight zone as far as technology and internet connections are concerned. 

In El Chalten for instance, where the internet has only recently arrived, and competition is not that great, the charges were 6 times more than anywhere else we´ve come across and we simply couldn´t afford it on our budget.  More recently in Perito Moreno, the locals took their siesta so seriously that absolutely nothing was open between midday and 6pm.  This meant that the only 3 computers in town were frenetically busy at any other time and we could never get on them.

Air conditioned bus

So, all in all, it was pretty good to arrive the relative civilisation of El Bolson last night, even after a nightmarish bus journey in which our bus crawled windscreenless across the Patagonian Steppe.  The windscreen having been taken out by a large stone that shot up from the gravel road early on in the journey.  But, I think it was the first South American bus I´ve been on where the air-conditioning actually worked, so who can complain?

El Bolson is a pretty town nestled in a fertile valley surrounded by mountains and has something of a reputation for being a ‘hippie’ town.  The local farms are small and all the produce is sold locally, so all the restaurants and shops sell only organic food that can´t be bought elsewhere.  Tomorrow is market day so we´re planning on skipping breakfast to enjoy the home-made empanadas (meat pies), ice-cream, cheeses, sausages, pastries and breads all washed down with a pint of fresh-brewed draft beer.  Sounds positively miserable I know, but as a tourist, it´s obviously imperative that I must put myself through this.

Apologies for the recent lack of news, but hopefully now we´re back in the 21st century, we´ll be putting up some photos and posts of what we´ve been doing, so watch out for updates coming soon!



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