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Finally! February 8, 2007

Posted by Cheryl in Chile.

The photos and write up on Aconcagua have finally been completed (I just know you´ve been unable to contain yourselves waiting for them. Is anybody actually reading this apart from you Mom? Mom……….?). It´s been quite a time-consuming process, particularly on “end of the world” computers and internet connections.

Here are links to the various sets of photos on Flickr. Please see back-dated posts for Aconcagua if you haven´t found them already.

Photos 1 – Trek in to base camp

Photos 2 – Base Camp: Plaza Argentina

Photos 3 – Plaza Argentina to Camp 1

Photos 4 – Camp 1 to “The Col”

Photos 5 – “The Col” to Camp 2

Photos 6 – The traverse to Camp Colera

Photos 7 – Summit Day!

Photos 8 – Leaving the Mountain



1. wishiwasthere - February 14, 2007

Crawled out from under my rock. Fantastic. Blew me away. but I managed to crawl back to my rock..

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