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USHUAIA – The Southern Most City in the World! January 27, 2007

Posted by Jason in Argentina, culture, Patagonia, South America, Travel.

Finally, after 6 days “recovering” in Mendoza, drinking fine wines and eating Bife De Lomo, languishing in a 3 star Hotel and soaking up the 30C heat we finally made a move to Southernmost Patagonia. . . . . Ushuaia.

We managed to get a quick flight to Buenos Aires, then a nightmare night in the airport waiting our “connection” on to Ushuaia!  The Argentinians havn´t heard of “seats” at the airport, so unless you managed to bag a seat and stay in the only cafe open it was a kip on the floor.

The flight was largely uneventful other than a bit of turbulance as we realised that this area of the country has significantly more cloud!.  The final moments of the flight were spectacular as you come into land at Ushuaia. The snow capped mountains and tree lined valleys are beautiful and give you a taste of things to come.

We soon realised it wasn´t going to be 30C heat here, as the rain lashed against the Airport terminal windows!  It was a bit silly travelling in short T shirt and sandles after all!!

The cold greets us in Ushuaia!

Ushuaia really has an “end of the world” feel to it and the people are so friendly. There are pleasant places to eat and drink, cafe´s and notably the “Dublin” Irish bar is excellent.

On our travels in Tierre Del Fuego, we stayed in 2 excellent Hostels, most recommended. Aonikenk Hostel where Hernan looks after the place and is incredibly helpful and friendly, and Yakush Hostel on the corner of the main San Martin Street where it meets Pierdrabuena. Both were excellent.

While here we managed to take a 3 day visit to the National Park Tierre Del Fuego. We stayed at the organised camp site at Lago Roca and did 2 day walks. One to the top of Cerro Guanaco where the views are spectacular towards snow capped peaks in the west and the Beagle Channel in the East and South . And sendera costera, a trail that takes you along the coast of the Beagle Channel where we then took a boat across to Isla Redonda and back to the mainland. Again this was beautiful.

Other must see´s in Ushuaia are the Museo Maritimo De Ushuaia. Superb history of the penal colony and of the maritime explorations in the area. And Glaciar Martial, where you get excellent views over Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.

The only slightly disconcerting aspect for “the Brits” here are the many signs regarding “Malvinas”. Many stating that “they(the Argentinians) will be back”! And that the islands have always been Argentinian and always will be! Many stickers and posters commemorating and almost celebrating the anniversaries of the War in 1982.

Malvinas was ours…is ours…will be ours etc etc….blah blah!

I perhaps did not expect such a full on expression of feeling in such an open manner. However, there was never a hint of bad feeling expressed towards us at any point by the locals. Ushuaia is a very hospitable place.

Ushuaia is a great place. Most people come here as a jumping off point for Antarctica.  Thats out of our reach though….$3,000 to $5,000 is not in our budget!!  . . . . . . . Maybe next time!



1. nikkito - July 14, 2009

well, in fact those islands belong to us, hehe
why do u you want them anyway when you have the coolest island on earth? I love london !!! 😀
cheers from an argentine 🙂

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