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ACONCAGUA – Day 19 January 9, 2007

Posted by Jason in Aconcagua, Argentina.

From Confluencia to Mendoza. . . . . . . at last!

It feels like we have been on this bloody mountain forever!  After our aborted attempted walk out yesterday, we have to make it today!

We are up early, 7am and skip breakfast, trekking by 7.50am.

It only takes 2 hours to reach the rangers station at the park gate at the foot of the Horcones valley.  Thank God!

We arrange via the ranger a lift off the agency Aymara who arranged the Mules for us.  This cut out another hours walk to Puente Del Inca.  We pick up all our bags from them and have a drink in the local cafe.  A shack that sells empanadas!

We catch the 11.45am bus back to Mendoza.  No hiccups, it goes on time and we finally say goodbye to Puente Del Inca and the Vacas Valley.  Our final sight of the mass snow slopes of Aconcagua as the bus descends the valley.

After a sleepy 4 hours or so we arrive in Mendoza.  A steamy hot city in the middle of summer.  We say goodbye to Geoff, who we will meet for a well earned slap up meal and beer tomorrow night, and we catch a taxi into the city to find accommodation.

Finally we can relax and afford ourselves a few days in a hotel with air con rather than a sweaty hostel!

We both have the longest showers in history, the first in 19 days!!  Believe me, we needed it (especially chezza!) then down the pub for a night I cannot remember!!!

We done it!! 



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