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ACONCAGUA – Day 13 January 3, 2007

Posted by Jason in Aconcagua, Argentina.

Rest Day at Camp 2 (5,830m)

Camp 2, our tent in the foreground

Cheryl still has a blinding headache this morning and takes more Ibuprofen.  I go for the morning water run at 10.30am but find the glacier melt still frozen even though the sun has been shining on the glacier since 7am. We thaw some of the ice in our bottles to make a hot drink for Chez and Geoff and then fall back to sleep to rest.  Geoff and I have discussed a possible carry today to “Camp Colera” if the wind drops, but there is no sign of this at the moment.

We try another water run, more successful this time after 12.30pm.  Then make some more hot drinks and the wind drops.  It is eerily calm at camp 2 now but across the valley to the north there is a snow storm.  We watch it for some time but it appears to be missing us. We continue to rest.

Chez and Jase “enjoying” life at camp 2! (well at least we were able to get out of bed!!)    The view from our tent at Camp 2    Cooking before the snow fell!

……………7pm – things take a turn for the worse! Snow has been falling for some time, over 2 hours and is settling, the temperature has dropped significantly and now the wind has picked up, blowing snow under the fly sheet. Now I know how useful a snow valance would have been!!

We cannot cook in the porch as the snow is blown straight back into the tent. I furrow outside the tent to move the ice axes in case they get buried in the snow and freeze to the floor, Geoff is cocooned inside his bivy, zipped up against the elements!  This could all make our passage across the traverse much more interesting if the snow keeps up!

Watching the snow clouds gather to the north of Aconcagua    A lull in the snow shower allows a picturesque view at Camp 2    Believe it or not Geoff IS in the Bivi bag gradually being burried by the snow!!

It all looks very picturesque! But makes our dinner less interesting as we have to rely on more cereal and energy bars to keep us going!

The wind picks up and we have blizzard conditions outside.  High winds batter the tent and it is hard to sleep as the tent makes so much noise with the wind.  I curse the weather of Aconcagua again! 



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