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ACONCAGUA – Day 4 December 25, 2006

Posted by Jason in Aconcagua.

Rest day at Base Camp (4,200m)

Thank God!! A Rest day! We are both knackered and are glad to hear the wind has finally died down.

The sun hits our tent at 7:30am and it gets hot very quickly.

Christmas Day

Today is Christmas day, and my Santa hat comes out for an airing! But Christmas spirit here is thin on the ground!

We sign in at the Rangers station to collect our “shit bags”! we have to use on the mountain and hand in for inspection on the way down! I hope the inspection is not too thorough!

We get a check up at the base camp Doctor and our Christmas Dinner is Pizza! And it was the best Pizza I have had in Argentina!

The guys at Aymara, Sujay, Charlie and Pinky make us very welcome and cook some exellent meals.

We spend the day in the sun, doing as little as possible recovering from yesterday´s exhertions. We have to sort rations though which takes several hours.

Plaza Argentina Plaza Argentina Plaza Argentina

But by the afternoon I have an altitude headache and feel pretty rotten. The pizza is good though and Chezza manages a final beer before our carry to Camp 1 tomorrow.



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